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Unlock the full potential energy of your wellbeing strategy with Kinetic+

Introducing our new health and wellbeing platform. Kinetic+ is designed to make it easy to access preventative, supportive and proactive health and wellbeing services that will meet rising employee expectations and drive employee engagement.

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Your investment in wellbeing isn’t just great for your people. It’s great for business.


Sales increased by 37%.1


Productivity is boosted by 18%.1


Absenteeism (which costs the average UK company £554 per employee) drops.1


202% higher performance than organisations with low levels of engagement.2


73% of employees say they will work harder for an employer who cares about them.3

Employee engagement is the single most controllable factor when it comes to running a successful business, which is why businesses cannot afford to let engagement happen ‘naturally.’

Developed by health and wellbeing experts Towergate Health & Protection, Kinetic+ has been designed to elevate engagement by giving your employees the tools they need to be their healthiest selves.

Now, you can stop wondering about how to reduce sickness absence at your business, and about how to inspire and motivate your employees to be more productive; Kinetic+ takes the guesswork out of your engagement strategy by doing the thinking and analysing for you.

Put your people first with Kinetic+

Kinetic+ has been purposefully designed to give your people everything they need to help achieve and maintain positive health and wellbeing.

Employees can use it to learn more about their health risks, and then access the tools to provide support with managing them.

Kinetic+ is the perfect tool to help your business achieve engagement metrics it can be proud of. But it’s also more than that: in the current climate, Kinetic+ might be vital.

Covid-19 and the cost-of-living crisis has destabilised the modern workforce, with teams often physically distanced by the rise in remote working, and employees facing excessive wait times for medical care unable to access the care they need.

Kinetic+ can function as the anchor that unifies your workforce, with a platform that’s easily accessible on any smart device, anywhere, and health resources just a login away.

Wellbeing tools for success

Supporting the four pillars of wellbeing.

The Kinetic+ hub covers the four pillars of wellbeing; physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, financial wellbeing and social wellbeing.

With Kinetic+ your employees will be reassured that they can access solutions to their health concerns easily at any time in a variety of ways – all from one central place.

Cost-of-living support

Help your people when they need it most.

There’s no way to sugar-coat it; there’s a cost-of-living crisis in the UK right now, and things are only going to get worse.

As an employer, it can be hard to know what to do for your employees or even where your role comes in, but it’s important for employee morale that you do something; as we know, 71% of employees have said that they believe their employer has a social responsibility to them.

For many employers, who must also contend with spiralling bills, giving their employees a pay rise to keep pace with inflation is out of the question. That’s where Kinetic+ comes in.

Kinetic+ - a system that delivers rewards

Kinetic+ can enable you to foster a sense of community across an increasingly diversely located workforce with improved engagement capability and a reward and recognition module.

The system allows you to say a quick thank you as well as offering company awards. After all, who doesn’t like being recognised for their hard work?

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